The Challenge: All Stars recap: Trishelle puts old drama to bed — and starts a new fight

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Last week's premiere of The Challenge: All Stars brought the physical competition and the laughs, but this week's episode brought the drama — both old and new. And of course the old and new drama all came from Trishelle. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Let's recap it all!

Coming back from the first elimination, Laterrian has officially put the fear of god in everyone after his dominating performance (just ask Ace, who was sent packing with a broken rib). Trishelle is already stressing about not wanting to be the first female eliminated, but she's confident in her alliance with Katie since they used to be roommates, were in each other's weddings, and are close in real life. But this is for half a million dollars, so all bets are off.

Trishelle then approaches Aneesa to have a sit-down conversation about the last time they were together, aka Rivals 2 when she quit the game after making some horrible, racist comments to Aneesa while drunk. And side note: seeing that footage played for the first time without censors is more than enough reason to justify having to pay for an entire Paramount+ subscription to watch this season. I would like to see more iconic fights revisited on All Stars just so we can see them without the bleeps!

But good on Trishelle for taking full responsibility for the comments she made and apologizing for them without making excuses. A lot of people can learn from her, this is the correct way to apologize for saying problematic things in the past. And Aneesa accepts her apology. Nine years later we're seeing some major growth! This old drama has officially been put to bed.

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The Challenge: Ancient Challenge History

It wouldn't be an All Stars season without one of the best challenges around — it's trivia time, baby. And it's only appropriate that all the questions are going to be about Challenge history. This also levels the playing field for the less physically fit players after last week's intense, DQ-ridden daily.

And for good measure, this trivia takes place 30 feet above the water, with players dropping into the water after three wrong answers. Since this is a female elimination week, the last male standing gets the Life Saver and the last female standing is safe from elimination. The first female in the water is sent straight into elimination. Easy enough!

With questions like which season had the first ever Pole Wrestle (The Duel) and who has the most consecutive Challenge wins (Darrell), this round of trivia is by far the most fair and balanced it's ever been on this franchise. And it's a Challenge lover's dream — along with TJ's, as evidenced by his maniacal, cackling laughter every time one of these OGs drops through the floor. I just wish we could have seen more of the questions and answers instead of rapid firing through most of them.

Syrus is the first one to drop into the water for the men, and it comes down to Nehemiah and Teck, with Nehemiah winning control of the Life Saver. In the women's round, Katie is freaking out because the last time she was this high over water was her infamous tumble on Cutthroat when she walked away with two enormous black eyes. And a lot of the women are getting questions about Johnny Bananas wrong which is hilarious and says a lot, both about how he's actually more somewhere in between OG and new school players and how he treated the women back in the day ("I don't give a f--- about Johnny Bananas!" Trishelle says while laughing).

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Trishelle ends up being the first one out, meaning she's going straight into elimination. Katie hit her face on the water again ("You f---ers!") and came out with a bloody nose. Kendal gets freaked out after Katie's fall and steps off the circle and back onto the solid ground, opting out of the challenge entirely. It all comes down to a showdown between Aneesa vs. Ruthie, and they both rattle off correct answer after correct answer. It's very impressive! But Aneesa eventually wins, making her safe from the first female elimination.

Back at the house, Trishelle asks a group of players she's close with who she should go against, and she's upset when Katie doesn't give her any suggestions. Eventually, she tells them to let everyone know she's not deciding, and everyone should vote however they feel. Not a very good strategic move but I'm here for the drama that's about to go down.

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Jisela immediately calls out Kendal for not finishing the challenge and not falling into the water like everyone else, and Kendal tries to make up excuses that she somehow didn't understand what to do? She's super nervous and gets flustered and it's honestly a really pathetic showing. I expected a lot more from Kendal, and so did the rest of the players. They all vote her into elimination. I, like Darrell, hope that maybe some action in The Arena will awaken the champion we all know is in her.

Back in the house Derrick is shocked to find out that no one came up to Trishelle's room to tell her how the nominations went, and it's clear that Trishelle is feeling some type of way about Katie right now. Katie doesn't understand why Trishelle's so upset since, in her eyes, she came back from nominations and immediately got dinner from the kitchen and didn't do anything wrong.

Things get explosive later that night when both women start screaming at each other. I definitely see some of the old Katie and old Trishelle come out to play here. Katie takes a moment where she remarks how she's not this person anymore, but just a few days back on The Challenge is all it takes to get her yelling at people like she did back in the day. Trishelle keeps talking about she always had Katie's back when they lived together and Katie never had hers, and Katie's like, that was 20 years ago, let it go. Eventually, it devolves into name calling (from Trishelle) and threats (from Katie). You can take the reality star off TV but you can't take the reality TV out of the star.

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Walking into The Arena, things are still tense between Katie and Trishelle. But Nehemiah doesn't take up Katie's threats from the night before to use the Life Saver to save Kendal and throw in Katie, so it's still Trishelle vs. Kendal.

Elimination challenge: Knot So Fast. Another Challenge classic, this time more endurance and strategy based than purely physical. Players have 20 minutes to knot and weave a 200 ft. heavy rope through a tall metal structure, then switch structures and race to undo their opponents' knots. Whoever finishes first, wins. This one is geared very much towards Kendal, but she may have been out of the game for too long to tap back into the winning headspace.

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It's hard to say who's doing better in the first part of the elimination because of how it's edited. The ropes just look all messy and not that knotted up. Trishelle is more focused on how Katie isn't cheering for her and Kendal listens to Darrell's coaching from the sidelines. At the end of the 20 minutes, the women switch, and it's clear that Kendal's knots are way more complicated/tighter than Trishelle's work. Most of Trishelle's rope is just tangled on the ground, so Kendal doesn't have to put in much effort to undo it while Trishelle gases out trying to climb up and over the structure multiple times. Kendal eventually wins and sends Trishelle home. But the biggest loss for Trishelle is her friendship with Katie, because their time on All Stars resulted in Katie saying that she's outgrown that friendship.

Trishelle may have only been here for two episodes but we still got a full season of drama from her. We bow down to one of the original reality TV queens.

All Star of the week: Aneesa for absolutely dominating the trivia challenge. When you've been on as many seasons as her, there would have been no excuse for not getting every question right, but still, after all the BS she put up with on Double Agents, you love to see her get an early win.

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