The Chainsmokers’ Andrew ‘Drew’ Taggart’s Dating History: Steve Jobs’ Daughter, Selena Gomez and More

Looking for The One! Andrew “Drew” Taggart’s love life has become a major topic of conversation since he and musical partner Alexander “Alex” Pall rose to fame as The Chainsmokers in 2012. The Maine native’s romance with Haley Rowe made headlines in September 2016, when his groupmate confirmed their breakup. “Drew actually just broke up with his girlfriend, like, two days ago,” Pall revealed during an appearance on the Australian podcast “Mike E & Emma” at the time. “I know his girlfriend. I know her really well and she’s awesome and I know he really loves her.” The New York University alum noted that things were “so hectic” for Taggart that he began feeling “really guilty about the fact that we’re always away.” Pall confessed that he hoped they would get back together, which seemingly happened the following summer. Rowe confirmed in 2017 that she and Taggart were back on via multiple social media photos. However, Us Weekly exclusively confirmed in October 2017 that the pair once again split. The DJ has since been linked to various models and public figures. In between those romances, Taggart revealed that he and Pall have had multiple threesomes due to their celebrity clout. “I think we were like, ‘What the f—k just happened?’ Because they were never planned,” Pall confessed during a January 2023 joint appearance on the “Call Her Daddy” podcast. “It’s weird, I’m not gonna lie.” When asked if the sexual encounter made the bandmates look “differently” at each other, Taggart responded, “The first time?” hinting that it was not a one-time deal. The New York native, meanwhile, claimed that most of the shared partner moments came overseas and only happened because of their hotel logistics. “In Europe, they have the two beds, they don’t split them apart! They literally have two singles,” Pall explained. “We were forced into these scenarios.” Taggart, for his part, didn’t say much on the topic. He did, however, confirm hat he was “in a relationship” that was “fairly new.” He revealed that the romance began in summer 2022 and became official that fall. Us exclusively confirmed in September 2022 that the Words on the Bathroom Walls executive producer was dating Steve Jobs’ youngest daughter, Eve Jobs, after getting close a few months prior. The twosome ended things before the new year. “Drew and Eve's break up was totally amicable,” a source exclusively told Us in January 2023. “They are friends, both very mature and cool about going separate ways.” That same month, Us exclusively broke the news that Taggart had moved on with Selena Gomez. “They are very casual and low-key,” an insider said at the time. “They are so affectionate and having a lot of fun together.” Scroll down to relive all of Taggart’s high-profile relationships: