Chadwick Boseman Reveals Denzel Washington Paid For College Acting Classes

Pay it forward.

By Jessica McKinney

A lot can happen when we all look out for one another. Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman proved that statement to be true after he revealed that Denzel Washington funded his acting classes in college.

Boseman revealed the news during an appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Mar. 1. Washington reportedly paid for part of his tuition through a scholarship program while he was taking summer courses for drama at Oxford University. “I’ve basically been holding this secret my whole career,” Boseman confessed. “When I came back, I got a beneficiary letter and it said Denzel Washington paid for you… I’m sure he has no idea. It was random. I couldn’t wait to write my thank-you letter! … I’ve been waiting to meet him, so I can tell him.”

Unfortunately, Boseman declined to comment about this new revelation on the red carpet at the 90th Annual Academy Awards on Mar. 4, but he did admit that he has met the Roman J. Israel, Esq star and thanked him for paying it forward all those years ago.

And we’re glad Washington did. Since Boseman’s humble beginnings, he’s starred in a number of ground-breaking and important movies, including Get On Up, 42, and Marshall. The actor has most recently been making headlines for his starring role as King T’Challa in Marvel’s Black Panther, which is currently in theaters.

Check out Chadwick Boseman’s late-night interview above.

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