Chadwick Boseman and Jamie Foxx doing classic movie lines in 'Wakandan' accents will make your day

There may be no more successful actor working today than Chadwick Boseman — literally, given that Black Panther is the third-highest-grossing domestic film of all time ($690 million and counting) and that Avengers: Infinity War just debuted with the most lucrative U.S. opening weekend in movie history. Thus, he was the ideal person to sit down with Jamie Foxx for the debut installment of Off Script, a new interview series hosted by the charismatic 50-year-old Oscar winner premiering exclusively on Yahoo Entertainment.

During the nine-minute chat, Boseman reveals how surprised he was with the runaway success of Black Panther (“I didn’t know if people would be receptive to the culture.”) and how the film has smashed barriers. “I’ve had the studio tell me, ‘Well, we can’t put your picture on the poster because that doesn’t work overseas,’” Boseman says. But when he saw that Panther performed as well internationally as it did domestically, earning nearly 50 percent of its total $1.33 billion gross overseas, “It made me go, ‘A-ha!’”

And to celebrate Black Panther‘s global popularity, Foxx and Boseman break out their best T’Challa voices to recite famous lines from Jaws, Gone With the Wind, and Taxi Driver (at the four-minute mark) — proving, once again, that the Wakandan ruler makes everything better.

To hear more of the stars’ candid conversation, which also touches on Boseman’s love of The Godfather and the surprising benefactor who helped him early in his career, watch the full debut episode of Off Script above. And keep watching this space for the next installment.