Chad Ochocinco Told Shannon Sharpe Taking Viagra Before Games Had Him 'Moving 10 Times Faster'

  (Photo by Gerardo Mora / Getty Images), (Photo by Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images)
(Photo by Gerardo Mora / Getty Images), (Photo by Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images)
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Shannon Sharpe and Chad Ochocinco have a gem on their hands with their show Nightcap, and their latest conversation about the latter taking Viagra before games might be the funniest one yet.

In the episode aired on Tuesday, the former football players opened up the chatroom to their viewers, who chimed in with various questions. One of those questions was confirming if Ochocinco really took Viagra before games as he claimed in 2020. According to Ochocinco, you only need half a pill to be a beast on the field like he was.

"Listen to me; it's an enhancement with the increasing blood flow to improve performance horizontally, depending on how you do it," Ochocinco said. "I don't know what you do at home, but to improve, yeah, they work too. Stay with me now. If you take half a pill before a game with a little bit of Red Bull, it increases the blood flow, which enhances performance."

He continued, "I'm out there going crazy. I'm out there going crazy on half a Viagra and a little bit of Red Bull, and people are like, 'God, I can't stop him for nothing.' And then, you know, I am talking the whole game. The increased blood flow has me moving 10 times faster than I would regularly be moving without it, and that's what people don't understand. That's where the Viagra comes into play."

Ochocinco then called himself one of the greatest NFL wide receivers while proceeding to claim he scored 12 points on LeBron James during an open-run game at The Summit in New York City. He also claimed he could fight Bud Crawford and told Sharpe to "ask Bud about these hands."

A viewer then asked Ocho if he still took Viagra, and he stated he doesn't need to anymore since he's not playing football anymore. According to Ocho, it's been over a decade since he's popped one of those blue diamond pills. On the other hand, Sharpe claimed he might have dabbled with Viagra in the past.

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"I don't want to lie in my relationship, marriage, or union," Ocho added. "I don't need a pill because you ain't getting more than three minutes anyway....Sometimes, the first time catches you off guard, so you slow down, stop, and hold a conversation real quick."

Sharpe added, "You pop one the first time, put it on real good. Now the next time, you go back, and I didn't have that diamond in my system, so I didn't do it quite like the first time. I went back for the third time, and she said, 'Bring that penis you had the first time.'"

Ochocino has spoken about taking viagra before games previously on The Pat McAfee Show a few months ago.

"You only take half a pill," he said. "It increases the blood flow, with increasing blood flow, the explosion and everything I do on the field makes me that more difficult to cover."