Cerebral Palsy Won’t Slow Down This Amazing Kid Inventor on the ‘Tonight Show’

On the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon welcomed kid inventors, one of whom was 16-year-old Sherwood from Ontario, Canada. Sherwood used an air compressor to create a fencing dummy, and while the invention worked, Fallon made quick work of the dummy by knocking its head off with a punch to the face.

Other kid inventions included a slider piano bench, which was created using a go-kart seat and skateboard wheels so that piano players with short arms could reach all the keys.

Perhaps the most impressive kid invention of the night came courtesy of two sisters, Claire and Sadie, from Weare, N.H. Ten-year-old Sadie proved that with the Amazing Curb Climber, nothing could stop her.

“So I have cerebral palsy, which means I have to use a walker. So one day I was at the library. And they have these big steps,” Sadie explained. “And I couldn’t get up because my walker couldn’t climb up curbs or stairs. So I decided to make one that could. And so I did.”

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