Central Cee drops off 'No More Leaks' EP

Central Cee
Central Cee

Today (Oct. 14), Central Cee surprises the world with a new EP titled No More Leaks, which boasts four dope cuts and production from SHK, Lekaa Beats, and Young Chencs. Just prior to the short project’s release, fans were able to check out a visual for the standout single “One Up,” a proper message for anyone plotting against the West London star:

“The fake do a good job blending in with the real these days, but I still tell the difference, realness get recognition, I recognized that from a distance, see it from far, bare ANPR, told bro, ‘Beg you don’t smoke weed in the car,’ it feels good to see me in the charts, I used to hit shots, sell rock and link in parks, you’ve been warned, I’ll ring the alarm, they talk ’bout the trap, they ain’t been in it once, YG got the trench coat on, it’s black and long like a Christian nun, tryna locate me a new plate, I don’t put trust in vintage guns…”

The accompanying clip for “One Up” comes courtesy of Suave and shows Cench living the wealthy life in his hometown. Viewers can spot him showing off high-end jewelry, riding around the city in a Rolls-Royce, and mobbing heavy with his crew under the night sky.

Back in February, Central Cee liberated 23, a 13-song body of work with additional features from A2 Anti, Ashe 22, Baby Gang, Beny Jr, Freeze Corleone, Morad, Rondodasosa, and his real-life little brother Juke Caesar. The project stands as one of the more successful hip hop offerings this year, landing on a wealth of album charts around the globe and earning the rapper a silver certification in the United Kingdom. Press play on both No More Leaks and the aforementioned “One Up” video below.