Celine Dion’s Sister Reacts To Shocking Wheelchair Rumor Over Her SPS Diagnosis

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Singer Celine Dion is not using a wheelchair for mobility, a rumor circulating since her Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) diagnosis. 

Her sister Claudette shut down the rumors and said Celine is "strong" and "not depressed" as they fight the disorder. Celine first revealed the diagnosis in December 2022 and canceled her scheduled world tour.

Claudette has previously spoken about how Celine struggles with SPS and the spasms and pain it brings. She mentioned that the iconic singer knows she has the support of her family and fans during this health battle. 

Celine Dion's Sister Denies Wheelchair Rumors


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Claudette Dion has dispelled social media rumors that her sister, Celine Dion, has mobility issues because of her Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS) disorder. The rumors began in September when a YouTube video alleged that the iconic singer's disorder is "progressing very quickly."

The YouTube video, titled "Celine Dion's Family Reveals How She Is Dying," has since gone viral on TikTok and Twitter, causing rumors to spread that the iconic singer uses a wheelchair. 

While denying the rumors, Claudette said her sister is still "strong" morally and mentally. She told Showbizz.net, "I know that morally, mentally, she is strong. She is not depressed at all … she really has the joy of living. We will get through this. Why do they say she is in a wheelchair? Why do they say she had cancer? Why are you inventing?"

Celine Dion Canceled Her Tour After The Diagnosis

Céline Dion

Celine herself first revealed her SPS diagnosis in December 2022 with an emotional Instagram post. Not long after the reveal, the "My Heart Will Go On" singer canceled her world tour, which was scheduled to resume in late 2023.

At the time, Celine had already performed 52 dates of the "Courage" tour and had not shared any information about if or when she'd resume the tour. When she revealed the disorder diagnosis last year, Celine said the spasms from her SPS "affect every aspect" of her day-to-day life.

She said they "sometimes cause difficulties when I walk and not allow me to use my vocal cords to sing the way I'm used to." 

The disorder is a neurological condition known for severely affecting patients' ability to talk and use their muscles and limbs without pain.

Claudette Dion Has Previously Spoken About The Disorder

Céline Dion

Claudette previously spoke about Celine's diagnosis during an interview with Hello! Canada

In the interview, she revealed that the Grammy Award winner's muscle spasms are "impossible to control," which is typical of advanced SPS, especially considering Celine's older age.

She said, "It's an illness we know so little about. There's little we can do to support her, to alleviate her pain. We're crossing our fingers that researchers will find a remedy for this awful illness. She's doing everything to recover. She's a strong woman."

Claudette also shared that Celine knows that she has the support of her family, friends, and massive fan base. 

Claudette said of the fans of the "I'm Alive" singer, "They love Celine, not only for the voice she has but also for the human being she is. For the woman she has become, for the mother she has become."

Celine Dion Receives Support From Shania Twain

Celine Dion

During an interview with Billboard Magazine, fellow singer Shania Twain discussed Celine Dion's shocking SPS diagnosis. She expressed her concerns about her health and said she hopes to “be able to connect with her at some point.”

Twain said, “I think it’s gotta be so difficult, and I know — only speaking from my experience — how horrifying it is to think that something is preventing you from singing, or interfering with that joy in your life. So I just pray that she is able to overcome it and she will be up there [on stage] singing for us all again.”

The "You're Still The One" crooner further gushed about Celine and her successful music career. Twain said she's a fan of Celine's voice and called her a "one-of-a-kind, extraordinary vocalist and entertainer."

Several other stars showed support for the legendary musician following her health diagnosis.