Céline Dion Brings Class to Classic Hip-Hop Songs on ‘Ellen’

Céline Dion stopped by Ellen on Monday, where, besides performing her new song, “Recovering,” the superstar injected a little class into some classic hip-hop songs. She kicked things off by actually singing a portion of Nelly’s 2002 hit “Hot in Herre.” Another departure from the original was that she actually pronounced the “e” in “here.”

Next, Dion tackled the party anthem from LMFAO, “Shots.” She slowly and beautifully sang the chorus, which consisted simply of singing “Shots” a few times. Dion got into this performance, and kept going even after Ellen tried to stop her. But she really heated up with the Britney Spears song “Work Bitch.” She danced and shook her hips and, as she did with “Hot in Herre,” made it her own by replacing the word “bitch” with “better.”

The last song Dion sang was the 2002 Missy Elliott smash hit “Work It.” With a piano playing beside her, she sang about dropping it, flipping it, and reversing, then got to the part in the song where the words are played backwards. Instead of attempting to sing the backwards lyrics, she went completely off the rails and sang gibberish.

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