Celebrity Obsession: Ariana Grande Can’t Escape the Spell of ‘Harry Potter’

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In her transition from cutesy Nickelodeon sidekick to scantily clad “Dangerous Woman” singer, Ariana Grande’s love for all things Harry Potter has never wavered. It’s as if she’s always kept one of the popular books on her nightstand — right next to her hairbrush.

The latest evidence of her love came this week, when the 23-year-old revealed that she’s now the owner of a “ridiculously amazing custom jacket” featuring Potter professor Dumbledore.

The artist gave a closer look at the fashion statement.

Even before she was rocking this jacket, Grande was easily among the boy wizard’s most hard-core celebrity fans.

Behold a few of the ways she’s gained some serious Harry Potter cred.

She has been a Harry Potter fan forever

This is not a new passion for Grande. The singer has been starry-eyed about Potter & Co. since her days as a schoolgirl in Florida. We know this is true because she wrote about her childhood crush on Harry’s nemesis in a tweet. Her message was actually in response to a Twitter post that the actor who played Draco, Tom Felton, sent to Grande.

And then there was this:

She’s still going strong. In fact, Grande noted last month that she’s going to reread the entire series.

She’s not shy about showing her love for Harry Potter

When you love Harry Potter as much as Grande, you tell the world about it. The “Bang Bang” songstress has definitely done that, whether by chronicling a trip to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios on Snapchat or by gushing about her obsession on the red carpet.

After she walked the red carpet for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in 2011, Grande professed that it was “one of the most exciting events that I have even been to in my entire life.”

Maybe that’s changed now that she’s won an MTV Moonman and a Grammy nomination, but it’s probably still up there!

Some of the people who know the Scream Queens actress best collaborated to make her a fun Harry Potter-themed video for her birthday last month.

She turns to Harry Potter for style inspiration

If imitation is, in fact, the sincerest form of flattery, then J.K. Rowling should be ecstatic. The style-conscious Grande not only owns that Dumbledore jacket, but she has also even looked to the Potter franchise for beauty inspiration, like that time last fall when she tried out a new hair color.

“It’s white,” Grande said of her look in a radio interview. “It’s very Lucius Malfoy. … He was sort of my go-to reference!”

If another Potter movie is ever made, we know who will want to play Ron Weasley’s long-lost cousin.