These celebrities are kissing 2020 goodbye: 'You have been a nightmare'

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  • Lena Dunham
    Lena Dunham
    American actress
As 2020 wraps up, Lena Dunham and other stars are reflecting on a rough year. (Photo: Lena Dunham Instagram)
As 2020 wraps up, Lena Dunham and other stars are reflecting on a rough year. (Photo: Lena Dunham Instagram)

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, 2020. As a year of heartache at last comes to a close, many celebrities aren’t mincing their words in their New Year’s Eve posts.

Taylor Swift, who used her pandemic downtime to release two albums (Folklore and Evermore), donned a bear suit as she bid adieu to 2020.

“Bye 2020,” she wrote. “It’s been weird.”

Anna Kendrick put it more plainly, sharing a selfie captioned with, “2020 you have been a nightmare. Grateful to be seeing the back of you, you rotted bitch.”

Halle Berry went the morbid route, posing in a black mourning veil as she told 2020 to “R.I.P.”

Sofia Vergara, meanwhile, got the point across in this shot of her flipping the bird, adding, “Adios 2020” in her caption.

A picture was also worth a thousand words for director and actor Eli Roth, who found a good use for this behind-the-scenes shot taken during the filming of the World War II-themed Inglourious Basterds.

“Goodbye 2020, you COLOSSAL PRICK,” wrote Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan.

“I’d like to politely ask you to eff off now,” wrote Naomi Watts, while Catherine Zeta-Jones waved the year goodbye.

Comedian Jim Gaffigan riffed on the “how it started/how it’s going” meme to illustrate his 2020 downward spiral.

Kerry Washington and Mark Ruffalo were also among those sharing pics that “describe 2020 in one photo.”

Some stars were in a more reflective mood as the minutes ticked down to midnight. Rachel Zoe, whose son Skyler recently recovered from a scary 40-foot fall from a sky lift, shared a photo of herself hugging him tight as she pledged to enter the new year “filled with gratitude.”

Jada Pinkett Smith similarly vowed to be “still and grateful” as she welcomed 2021 with “open arms.”

“I have no expectations,” the 49-year-old Red Table Talk host wrote alongside a shot of her posing in a blue bikini.

Reese Witherspoon posted a video message reflecting on the year’s hardships as well as the silver linings she’s taking away from it all.

“I know 2020 has been incredibly difficult,” the actress told fans. “And we have to take space to just grieve what was lost, whether it was jobs, or milestones, or opportunities, or precious loved ones.”

After offering thanks to frontline and essential workers, Witherspoon said, “So let’s go forward into 2021 — it cannot get here fast enough — and let’s do it with love and hope for brighter days ahead.”

She later gave 2020 a wave goodbye, adding, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

Josh Brolin compared 2020 to a “fraudulent drunk” with “phony promises.”

Posing in a black two-piece with a “2020 is over” banner hanging in the backdrop, Lena Dunham addressed her fellow “2020 survivor babies.” The actress and writer, who tested positive for COVID-19 this spring, expressed her distaste for New Year’s Eve and shared some “nuggets of knowledge I feel lucky to have learned the hard way.”

A sample piece of advice: “There comes a time we must accept that our life is not going to look the way our mothers, grandmothers, friends or ex-lovers thought it would or should,” Dunham wrote. “There is liberation in that. Try it on for size. Take it for a walk around the block. Own it.”

She signed off with, “I hope you end the year feeling so sure that you were born to do it, even if you aren’t exactly sure why.”

And actress Kate Bosworth shared a series of selfies documenting her tumultuous, emotionally draining 2020 — including being bed-ridden with a COVID-like illness for three weeks back in February.

“2020. To the confrontation and hardship. Honoring loved ones lost. To beginning again. To the heroes. To your safety and good health,” she wrote.

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