Celebrities Reveal Their Girl Crushes at the Women in Hollywood Awards — and There's a Lot of Love for Amy Schumer


Women in Hollywood Awards host Joel McHale with honorees Ava DuVernay, Alicia Vikander, Salma Hayek, Elle Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers, Amy Schumer, and Dakota Johnson (Getty Images)

The ballroom at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills was swarming with Hollywood’s strongest females on Monday night. Zoe Saldana, Nina Dobrev, Bellamy Young, Shailene Woodley, Miranda Kerr, Angie Harmon, and more braved the rare Los Angeles rain to show their support for Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood Awards. Among this year’s honorees were Amy Schumer, Kate Winslet, Alicia Vikander, Dakota Johnson, and Salma Hayek.

With the evening being all about celebrating women, we took to the red carpet to ask attendees to name their current girl crush. Survey says… most of Tinseltown — along with America, it seems — is in love with Schumer.

“Amy Schumer is a huge girl crush of mine,” Zoe Kravitz told Yahoo Celebrity. “I like her honesty. I like how she almost disturbs people with how honest she is. She says all the things that everyone is uncomfortable to say.”


Kate Winslet and Katie Lowes at the party (Getty Images)

Stonewall actress Joey King agreed — but took things a step further. “I would marry her if I could. She’s so funny and unapologetic and I think the world needs more of Amy Schumer and people like her.”

So who does the woman of the hour have a thing for? Amber Rose! “I made out with her at the MTV Movie Awards and I’ve never gotten over it,” Schumer very openly admitted to us.

Meanwhile, Kate Winslet does it for fellow Women in Hollywood nominee Vikander. “I met her a few times here and I feel like she’s one of the most funny people I know. She’s a pretty cool woman.”


Jaime King, Nina Dobrev, and Joey King were among the guests (Getty Images)

Mad Men’s Kiernan Shipka is all about Mindy Kaling: “She’s smart and she’s funny and she totally owns it. I think she’s really brilliant and I love her work.” Nikki Reed loves Jenna Dewan Tatum. “She’s gorgeous and she became even more gorgeous after she became a mother.” And when it comes to female loves, Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland sides with her better half. “I go back and forth. For a long time I was Amber Heard, but my boyfriend (Dominic Sherwood) would be very happy if I said Margot Robbie, so Margot Robbie,” she laughed.

Meanwhile, Judy Greer and her Measure of a Man co-star Liana Liberato have such a mutual infatuation that they’ve coined a new term for their relationship.

“We just finished a movie together and Liana said that we had a girl-romance. She’s like,’It’s not a bromance, it’s a ‘girl-mance,’” joked Greer. “Liana started it. It’s her thing. We totally girl-manced out on set. I was like, ‘Are you going to the Elle thing?’ and she said, ‘Yes. Are you?’ and I said, ‘Let’s go together!’ So yeah. We’re doing that.”

And then there were a few women who couldn’t make up their minds. UnReal’s Constance Zimmer is lusting over half of Hollywood —and the first lady. "Girl crush on Lena Dunham, girl crush on Amy Schumer, girl crush on Sia. And Michelle Obama! I just think she’s so incredibly powerful and funny and confident. She’s kind of beyond a triple threat. It’s not about producing, directing, acting, it’s about what are you bringing out in the world and what are you teaching others. And I think she’s done such an incredible job with that. And she always looks kind of amazing too,” Zimmer noted.


Three generations! Dakota Johnson made the scene with her grandmother, Tippi Hedren, mom Melanie Griffith, and half-sister Stella Banderas (Getty Images)

For Scandal actress Bellamy Young, it’s a four-way tie between her childhood icon Gena Rowlands, Schumer, her co-star Kerry Washington, and Selma director Ava DuVernay. “Ava has done so much in such a short amount of time to move the conversation forward. Amy has made us all laugh and sort of relaxed us all and in that way done her part to make us all equals. And Kerry, my goodness, between her heart and her talent, there’s no way not to crush on her!” she exclaimed.

The carpet concluded with Hollywood’s favorite females raising their voices on issues that they consider to be of the upmost importance. Winslet, who raved about finding all sorts of inspiration in “dear friend” Emma Thompson, told reporters how important it is for her to instill her daughter with a sense of self worth. “I just honestly tell her to be herself and I really give her lots of reinforcement every day. They have to see positive body image and they have to see their mom saying, ‘I feel great about me.’ So that is what I try and do,” she explained, adding that she does her best to keep her family away from social media.


Busy Philipps caught up with Leslie Mann (Getty Images)

Busy Phillips told Yahoo Celebrity that she recently faced the wrath of fans for standing up for Planned Parenthood.

“I’m open to discussions and open to people having different views on things, but Planned Parenthood, the lies that have been spread about it are insane to m,” the Cougar Town alum said. “I feel really strongly about the place that it’s being defunded in a really gross way. People were saying crazy things on my Instagram like I was a baby murderer. Crazy stuff! My mom was getting really upset with it. I’ve said why I support it. Whatever!”


The Zoes — Kravitz and Saldana — posed together (Getty Images)

Saldana says when it comes to challenges faced in Hollywood, she’s experienced the full gamut. Her biggest issue, however, is with gender inequality in voicing one’s opinion.

“When a man speaks up, he’s a genius. He’s such a genius. He’s brilliant. And when a woman speaks up, she’s a bitch, she’s a [spelling it out] c–t. She’s difficult. She’s a diva,” she explained. “You go through your 20s trying to find yourself and you find yourself more preoccupied with wanting to please than wanting to stand up for yourself. Thank God your 30s come and you go [sings], 'I want to break free,’ and you kind of let go. You start giving a lot of people the finger and then you’re happy!” she said — with a giggle.