Celebrate Donald Trump’s 70th Birthday With These Presidential Candidate Emojis


This Donald Trump emoji will really help you get your point across. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

Whether he’s yelling furiously, grinning mischievously, or revving up his many supporters, presumed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is a man of many emotions.

Voters will likely see a range of them on Tuesday, June 14, as Trump turns 70 on the same day that the nation holds its final presidential primary for the 2016 election in Washington, D.C.

To mark the occasion, we’ve created some handy Donald Trump-inspired emojis to help with getting your digital messages across.

For instance, if you’re truly adamant about something, the Trump above is for you!

There’s also a version of The Donald that’s a little less passionate, perhaps more appropriate for the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom than a presidential debate.


The calm and reasonable Trump emoji. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

This Trump emoji can be used to express a number of feelings: I’m listening; I don’t believe you; I’m disgusted.


This Trump emoji fits many moods. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

Then there’s a version of Trump shooting his mouth off with his famous squint, which is perfect to use when you’re not getting your way.


The frustrated Trump emoji. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

And, because it’s only fair, supporters of the presumed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton can have their own fun, with a few emojis made just for the former secretary of state.

We have one that is ideal for people who want to say they’re busy at the moment, reading through emails while waiting for a plane to depart.


This Hillary Clinton emoji means business. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

But Clinton isn’t always serious. The smiling Clinton emoji below is perfect for those times when you want to show you’re in a good mood and loving life!


The happy Clinton emoji. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

The final Clinton emoji captures her laughing, which you can use as you see fit. Perhaps you find something particularly hilarious. Perhaps you feel like you are going crazy and losing your mind.


We’ve also taken Sen. Bernie Sanders, the other remaining Democratic presidential candidate, along with his tiny, winged friend, and turned him into an emoji that shows his whimsical fashion sense. It seems to say, “I have no plans to leave anytime soon.”


This Bernie Sanders emoji is still feeling the Bern. (Illustration: Imma Almourzaeva)

Happy texting!