‘Scandal’: Celebrate 100 Episodes of OMG Moments

Scandals six seasons have been rife with OMG moments, and Thursday’s episode seems like it’s going to break the record for most shockers in a single night. The 100th episode has Olivia reimagining her life in an alternate reality where she never agreed to rig Fitz’s election with Mellie and Cyrus. So before the show rewrites history, let’s take a look back at the biggest OMGs from each season of Scandal.

Season One: Cyrus catches Liv and Fitz in the Oval Office.

Liv + Fitz (Photo: ABC)
Liv + Fitz (Photo: ABC)

Season Two: The assassination attempt on Fitz.

The assassination attempt on Fitz (Photo: ABC)
The assassination attempt on Fitz (Photo: ABC)

Season Three: Jerry’s poisoned… which helps Fitz win reelection.

Jerry's poisoned! (Photo: ABC)
Jerry’s poisoned! (Photo: ABC)

Season Four: Olivia is kidnapped!

Olivia's kidnapping! (Photo: ABC)
Olivia’s kidnapping! (Photo: ABC)

Season Five: Olivia gets her revenge on her kidnapper.

Olivia's revenge (Photo: ABC)
Olivia’s revenge (Photo: ABC)

Season Six: Abby plays a part in Huck’s shooting.

Huck's shot! (Photo: ABC)
Huck’s shot! (Photo: ABC)

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The 100th episode of Scandal airs Thursday, April 13 at 9 p.m. on ABC. Watch clips and full episodes of Scandal for free on Yahoo View.

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