Catfish Victim Admits She Continued Sending Money To Online Boyfriend Until She Realized She Was Broke

In early 2022, Rebecca said her best friend, Jane, was being scammed by her online boyfriend, “Jonathan,” who claimed he was stuck on a construction site in Miami. Jane said she was in love with “Jonathan” and admitted to sending him money through wire transfers and cryptocurrency machines – totaling nearly $1 million dollars. Today, Jane returns to the Dr. Phil stage to admit she ignored all the evidence that Dr. Phil and his staff provided to her that she was being catfished. “I disregarded Dr. Phil’s advice because I was so in love with Jonathan, I couldn’t believe it was a lie,” says Jane. “I came to my senses when I looked at my bank account, and I was broke.” Jane says it finally dawned on her that she was being scammed after she realized she’d lost everything. “No house. No savings. Nothing,” she says. Watch the Friday’s conclusion of this two-part episode, “Lois Meets ‘Fred’ Face-to-Face: Will She Finally Believe?” to hear Jane’s words of encouragement to Lois, another returning guest, who says she also disregarded Dr. Phil’s advice to dump her online love interest. Dr. Phil airs Monday - Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. WATCH: Man Whose Photos Were Stolen and Used To Catfish Woman Explains True Origin Of Images TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Want Dr. Phil to investigate a situation or possible scam?