Cate Blanchett Really Hates Leaf Blowers, Apparently

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Inside Cate Blanchett's Leaf Blower BeefJacopo Raule

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An Academy Award-winning actress known for camouflaging work on the big screen. A mother of four. An enduring style icon who never fails to serve looks. Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about Cate Blanchett, we learn one new factoid: She really hates leaf blowers. And, no, we're not talking about her making one salty comment on a podcast: TikToker Kate Wheeler posted a nearly minute-long compilation of Blanchett talking smack about leaf blowers to the press. "I could be here talking to you for three hours about leaf blowers," Blanchett said during one red carpet interview. "I hate them so much."

Though this compilation of complaints is downright hilarious, Blanchett does raise a good point: Leaf blowers are a little superfluous. "You blow them from one side of the pavement to the other, only for them to be blown back again," she lamented on her episode of Hot Ones. "And then you go, 'Oh, I gotta blow them back.'"

Yes, a leaf blower can swiftly clear a walkway or driveway, which is great for people who are trying to level up their curb appeal quickly. That said, there's nothing a leaf blower can do that a normal broom or rake can't. And, what happens when a gust of wind comes to ruin your perfectly blown pile? "It is all that is wrong with the human race," she noted in another interview. "They drive me nuts."

Dramatic? Sure, but she's not the only one with a strong anti-leaf blower stance. In fact, many states are beginning to prohibit gas-powered leaf blowers, which have been linked to causing pollution and producing planet-warming emissions. As of July 1, 2024, California will ban the sale of both gas-powered leaf blowers and weed whackers.

While we don't think we're as empathically against leaf blowers as Blanchett, we do agree that there must be a good alternative for this superfluous appliance. To help, we found a few leaf blower alternatives worth considering. (You can thank us later, Cate!)

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GreenSweep V2


Working with artificial grass? RGS Living's GreenSweep V2 has the convenience of a leaf blower—minus the superfluous aftermath. Decked out with a powerful, 1,800-watt motor, this electric option sweeps up debris, twigs, and leaves and empties it into an accompanying 45-liter collection bag. (That way, you have somewhere to put your leaves.)

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Adjustable Garden Leaf Rake


Can you ever go wrong with a basic leaf rake? Except this one from Buyplus isn't that basic. The metal rake has ergonomic grips so it's easy to hold, plus it's adjustable. Not only can it be expanded from 24 inches to 63 inches, but the rake's head also gets wider as you increase the handle height. In other words, this rake can help grab leaves in tight space and sprawling backyards alike.

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Leaf Scoops Hand Rakes


Leaf scoops might require a little more time and effort than a traditional rake but, if you're focused on every last detail, it's so worth it. (This comfortable design keeps wrist strain to a minimum.) Simply hold onto one scoop with each hand for an easy, low-emission way to pick up leaves. If you want to stretch your dollar, you can also use these scoops to help spread mulch.

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