Cat Sleeps Under Dog's Ear in TikTok Video

·1 min read

Ready to feel all cozy and warm inside?

Instagram and TikTok user @thebeagleandthebun posted quite possibly the cutest video ever this week of her cat Chlea sleeping under the ear of dog Chloe.

"Just using the dogs ear for a blanket 🥰," she wrote alongside the video.

Owner Megan Cottone, a.k.a. the human behind @thebeagleandthebun, regularly shares snuggly shots of her animals, with captions like, "I'm convinced beagle snores and kitten purrs are the only healing someone really needs 🙌"

Until recently, the fuzzy family also included a bunny named Rue. The bunny died suddenly last September, though still has a strong presence on @thebeagleandthebun's account. Chlea joined the family in June as a "new friend" for Chloe, Cottone wrote at the time. "After months of searching we found someone who we think is purrrfect 😻 We brought Clea home just a few days ago and they are slowly but surely warming up to each other."

By the looks of this video, they most certainly have.