Would the Cast of Star Trek: Picard Actually Go to Space?

Picard and Riker have a chat on Star Trek: Picard.
Picard and Riker have a chat on Star Trek: Picard.

It’s right there in the name: Star Trek. It’s a show, world, and franchise about trekking through the stars. But do the actors on the show have any interest in making like their onscreen counterparts and boldly going where no person has gone before?

A few years ago, legendary Star Trek cast member William Shatner famously went into space on Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin. And now, in an interview with Sirius XM’s Ron Bennington, four longtime Trek actors—Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Gates McFadden, and Michael Dorn—were asked if they’d follow in Shatner’s footsteps into actual space, with hilarious results.

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‘Star Trek: Picard’ Cast Reveal if They Would Travel to Space

The group is, of course, promoting the third and final season of Star Trek: Picard, which reunites members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast. Fans seem to really be loving it and this clip is a great example of why.

Even in this interview setting, each of the actors is funny, personable, and opinionated. Dorn’s insistence that the “space” in this conversation isn’t quite space, Frakes’ thinking of Stewart, and Stewart’s insistence against all of this just speak to the incredible chemistry that has developed among them over the course of the decades, working together both on-screen and off. It’s no wonder season three of Picard is giving fans those wonderful nostalgic pings.

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