Carrie Underwood Extolls the Virtues of Making Your Bed

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Down-Home Girl

Carrie Underwood is all about keeping it real.

The former "American Idol" star, who has a net worth of a cool $60 million, says she still does her own chores, and she believes one simple activity can have a big influence on the rest of your day.

Start the Day Right: Make That Bed

One chore that stands out for Underwood is making the bed. The singer says she can't make it through the day if the bed is left unruly.

“It will be all I think about throughout the day until it’s actually made," says Underwood.

Stay In School

A story by cheatsheet also says that
despite winning on "American Idol," the show that turbo-charged her career, Underwood still went back to school to finish her degree, choosing to put off Hollywood for the time being.

She later graduated with honors from Northeastern State University in Oklahoma after studying mass communications and broadcast journalism.

Family Keeps Her Grounded

Among her other chores is making sure her refrigerator is sparkling clean, with all the labels for milk, ketchup or whatever she eats all lined up neatly.

Underwood may have gotten these morals from her family, who apparently made decent money but chose not to spend extravagantly. The singer says even though they had money, her mother would still sew clothes for Carrie.

And her parents still live in the same house, even though Carrie could easily foot the bill for a larger home.

It's good to see that Underwood remembers where she came from.