Carrie Fisher's Fan-Created Walk of Fame Star Draws Crowds Day After Actress' Death

Carrie Fisher's fan-made star along Hollywood Boulevard (Photo: Ryan Parker/THR)
Carrie Fisher’s fan-made star along Hollywood Boulevard (Photo: Ryan Parker/THR)

By Ryan Parker, The Hollywood Reporter

People young and old, one after another, in a line that began forming down Hollywood Boulevard on Wednesday morning, stopped to get a photo or drop off a flower (and even a cinnamon roll) at the site of Carrie Fisher‘s fan-made star along the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Fisher, best known for bringing the iconic Princess Leia to life in the Star Wars franchise, does not have an official star, so an unidentified fan made her a memorial spot at Hollywood and North Orange Drive. And it worked.

By Wednesday afternoon, a throng of people, made up of mostly tourists but also some residents, were paying more attention to that space than any other in that area. After a while, street performers began to make their way there to work near the large group.

“I’m shocked she doesn’t already have a star,” Dagan Hanson, a Santa Barbara resident, told The Hollywood Reporter as he looked at the growing shrine. “But I’m not at all surprised a fan made one for her.”

The memorial star reads: “Carrie Fisher. May the Force be with you always. Hope.” That last sentiment may coincide with a part in the newest Star Wars installment, Rogue One.

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“I think the thing that is sadder than her not having an official star is that people are worried about whether she finished [Episode VIII],” Sean Fryer, a Florida resident on vacation with his wife, Megan, told THR. “Like, that’s what they care about. You’re talking about a person’s life.”

Megan Fryer, a new Star Wars fan thanks to her husband, said she was glad Fisher was being honored by so many people in so many places. “She is amazing,” she said. “And this [star] will do until she gets an official one.”

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Fisher died Tuesday. She was 60.

A request for comment from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, which oversees the Walk of Fame, was not immediately returned.

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