Carmen Electra Revealed She’s Skilled With A Whip After The OF Star Got The Bedroom Present As A ‘Joke’

 Carmen Electra in red swimsuit in clip from Baywatch.
Carmen Electra in red swimsuit in clip from Baywatch.

From running in swimwear on a beach to working a whip, OnlyFans star Carmen Electra has picked up some unusual talents over the years. The actress once revealed she’s actually pretty deft with a whip after getting the instrument as “a present” that was initially gifted to her as “a joke.” As it turns out, however, she ended up getting pretty skilled at using the bedroom item, which perhaps comes in handy now that she’s working on the subscription platform OnlyFans.

Carmen Electra –whose name came from working with Prince – actually rose to fame on the TV series Baywatch, but around 10 years ago, her career had transitioned into doing far more than just the occasional acting role.

She actually learned to strip for the live The Crazy Horse Burlesque Show in Las Vegas. She also danced with the Pussycat Dolls before they became known more for their music than their live stage age. More recently, she popped up during The Last Dance documentary about Michael Jordan, prompting new  search interest in the 50-year-old actress and leading her into a new realm of her career: touting herself on OnlyFans.

Before this career move, she’d already admitted she knew her way around a bit of erotica, telling a story about a surprising present she’d been given.

I think they meant it as a joke, so they were a bit surprised when I used them all the time. In the wrong hands, the whip can be painful, but I’m an expert at handling it, so it’s a very erotic thing.

Speaking with The Mirror, she noted that she ‘give[s] a lot of love” when she is with someone and that she really commits to the relationship. While she has some bad habits (like “swearing”), she seems to have a lot of fun too. She admitted of her penchant for enjoying the whip, she’s also told other ladies, “That’s what I say to girls – if your man steps out of line, give him a little whip.”

Carmen Electra is nothing if not candid about topics those who are more prudish might choose to keep in the bedroom. Because she is so candid, however, she has no trouble giving advice to those who are seeking it. As I noted before, she really feels “fun” in the bedroom should be a priority.

Don’t ignore the fun stuff, like buying lingerie and putting together a perfect little outfit to dress up in. Corsets are really flattering and so sexy. Then add cami knickers, garter belts, stockings and a nice pair of high heels.

Its advice she’s seemingly abided by for years, as corsets are still a popular choice for the OnlyFans star.

A few months back the star went viral for noting she gets a lot of  “feet” requests on OnlyFans, but now I’m actually specifically a little shocked her answer didn't have to do with this whip thing. Meanwhile, her new line of work has seemingly been lucrative and something the former Baywatch star enjoys. She’s said she likes that she’s able to be her “own creator” on OnlyFans and she’s had “a blast” with photoshoots and more for the platform.

In a separate interview, Electra also admitted the subscription platform has given her “control” over her career for maybe the first time ever. Over the last couple of years, she’s really been able to whip her career into good shape, pun very much intended.