Cardi B Super Fan Gifts Singer $20k Birkin Bag For Showing Up To His Birthday

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Cardi B gained another designer bag for her collection just by showing up to a party.

The "Press" rapper was gifted a $20k Birkin bag by a super fan on Thursday when she came to his birthday party at LIV nightclub in Miami.

Cardi was totally caught off guard by the birthday boy, who goes by Ali.

"Look at his birthday gift to me! It's his birthday and he gave me this. Big Birkin!" she screamed.

Obviously, money isn't an issue for the birthday boy who says Cardi B is the best gift ever!

Their friendship didn't end after the expensive gift exchange because the rapper followed him out to the dance floor and busted some moves in the VIP section.

Cardi wore a tight, barely-there green dress and looked fantastic pairing the outfit with matching hair.

She seemed to have a ball too, even cheersing champagne with random fans!

The rapper has a lot to be thankful for, especially making money moves without even spend a dime.

The Hermes Craie Epsom Birkin 35cm sells for about $20,000.

Cardi loves herself some designer fashion. When she's not hawking her Fashion Nova collection on social media, the rapper is dripped in every high-end designer piece you can think of.

Even baby Kulture reaps the benefits of Mommy's hard labor.

Earlier this week, Cardi B showed off what appeared to be a gallery displaying many of her memorable looks from red carpets, award shows and music videos.

While revealing each piece and reflecting on why they are all "iconic," the hip-hop star gave fans great insight to all the work that went into each look.

It also showed, she's very rich.