Cardi B and Offset Share Thoughts on Hip-Hop's Importance in Starting Trends Amid Birkin Debate

Trace William Cowen
·1 min read

Following last week's Birkin debate prompted by a brief Instagram Live clip featuring Saweetie and Quavo, Cardi B and Offset have shared their thoughts on a parallel discussion about artists' inarguable influence in bringing about boosted brand popularity and initiating trends.

In an Instagram caption on Sunday, Offset responded to those questioning how artists are able to get Birkin bags, stating there should be no debate about Black artists "having access" to luxury items.

"By the way, hip-hop starts the trends!" he said.

Last week's Saweetie comments, meanwhile, were focused on what she says is the importance of being in a relationship with someone who will procure Birkin bags for you. And while some were critical of the message, others noted that it likely wasn't meant to be taken literally.

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