Cardi B Gifts Husband OffSet $500,000 CASH For His Birthday!

Cardi B went all out for husband Offset's 28th birthday, including a crazy party, strippers, and the craziest gift ever...$500,000 CASH!!

The "Press" rapper posted a video of the moment on Instagram explaining to her husband that she didn't know what to give him, so she just went with cold hard cash.


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Check Out The $500,000 CASH!!

The video starts Cardi in the kitchen telling the 'Migos' rapper, " got ever car, every jewelry, you got got every, what else can I get someone that has everything?"

"The fridge!" she says.

At that point, a friend opens the refrigerator door where the group has congregated, and inside are stacks and stacks of $100 bills.

Offset Is Speechless!

Offset is totally shocked, even putting his head down for a moment to take it all in before making his way over to the fridge.In the video, Offset begins to pick up as many stacks as he can hold, even dropping a few along the way.

"That's $500,000 dollars," Cardi tells which he responds 500?!

Don't Expect A Christmas Present This Year

Cardi explains "I know I don't I got to give you the money. I don't know what to give you so I got to give you something...You can buy a car, you can buy more jewelry, or you can buy me more Burkin bags!"

She even ends the video with the best quote ever! "don't expect no Christmas gift from me motherf****er!"

Cardi captioned the video, "Big daddy shlong Birthday, Little something something for the Birthday boy @offsetyrn ❤️ Y O U."

A Couple That Lap Dances Together...

And If that was not enough, Cardi and Offset made their way to a downtown Los Angeles strip club where the rapper was treated to several VIP lap dances and a cake.

The couple tossed thousands of dollars in the air, making it rain in the club, and partied the night away.

This is the second weekend in a row for Cardi, as the rapper hit up a strip club in Lagos, Nigeria, just a few days ago before performing in the African nation.

How do you top that for his 29th?!