Cardi B Claps Back at Internet Troll Who Criticized Celebs That Work Out After Getting Cosmetic Surgery

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Cardi B rose to fame on social media, where she shares her raw and often unfiltered opinions about various topics. She most recently had to give users an explanation about why working out after cosmetic surgery is more than okurrr!

The “Bongos” rapper recently spoke out against an internet troll regarding a recent video that showed Bardi in the gym.

Cardi B fires back at critic who called out celebrities that work out after receiving cosmetic surgery.
Cardi B fires back at critic who called out celebrities that work out after receiving cosmetic surgery. (Photo: @iamcardib/Instagram)

In the clip, Cardi B – whose real name is Belcalis Almánzar – can be seen showing off her plumped assets. The 31-year-old rocked olive green scrunched-up exercise pants that emphasized her shape while also wearing a criss-cross sports bra and a wool hat.

While Cardi’s video shed a light on the skin-tight leggings, one X user decided to voice their displeasure in watching celebrities and influencers go under the knife before choosing to promote gym workouts.

“I hate influencers who do this get all the surgery acting like they really be in the gym when really if they gain more weight they will just get surgery again smh,” the individual wrote.

The user’s message landed on Cardi’s feed, where the Bronx native didn’t hold back. “How vocal have I been about my procedures??? The thing is I don’t gain weight much so I’m trying to gain  MUSCLE cuz it’s hard for me to maintain fat…also there’s this thing called visceral fat…It’s fat that grows under the muscle and you can’t lipo it only thing you can do is work it out! THATS WHY YOU SEE POUCHES ON LIPO GIRLS. YOU HAVE TO MAINTAIN IT!”

The “Up” rapper has posted about her workout journey in the past and she’s never shied away from the fact that she’s had a few nips and tucks in her 31 years of life. Last December she revealed that she had 95 percent of her butt injections removed, which she received in someone’s basement in 2014.

Cardi has also gone under the knife for liposuction and a breast augmentation following the birth of her now 5-year-old daughter, Kulture.

The Grammy-winning rapper also has a 2-year-old son, Wave. She shares both of her children with her husband of six years, rapper Offset.

In an interview with Jason Lee, the mother of two gave viewers more insight into what caused her to seek cosmetic surgery.

“People be assuming that like when you do surgery or something like you’re insecure about yourself or you like hate yourself. And that’s just not the truth,” Cardi explained. “I just be feeling like if I wanna correct something, I wanna do a little something like I’m gonna do it.”

She continued, “I just like, I like being perfect. I like a certain type of body, like, for myself. And if I want to do it, I do it.”

As their conversation continued, Cardi also seemingly confessed to finally taking “that step” in receiving a nose job.

“I always felt like I had a big nose,” she said before suggesting that she acquired her father’s nose. “I was always afraid to do my nose. And I finally took that step.”

Cardi got her first nose job in 2019 using nose fillers. She didn’t like how the “fillers made my nose longer” therefore, she had it done over in 2020 after the release of her and Megan Thee Stallion’s single “WAP.”

In addition to those alterations, Cardi had her teeth done during her short-lived time on “LHH: NY” in 2017. In her 2018 breakout single, “Bodak Yellow,” she raps, “Got a bag and fixed my teeth, hope you h–s know it ain’t cheap.”