Cardi B Chimes In On Atlanta Restaurant Discourse, Claims They “Don’t Like Customers”

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Viral TikTok food critic Keith Lee has had the internet in a frenzy after taking a trip to Atlanta and being brutally honest about their restaurants. Cardi B chimed in on the ongoing conversation and co-signed Lee’s thoughts.

“I feel like Atlanta restaurants, they don’t like to make money,” she said in an Instagram Live video over the weekend. “I feel like they don’t like people, they don’t like they customers, they just don’t f**king like it. You could barely order in Atlanta restaurants.”

She even revealed that she has had to utilize her status as a celebrity to get service. “It gets to the point that I have to tell people that order food for me, ‘Can you just name-drop my name?’” the Bronx rapper stated. “Because they don’t do no pick up orders, they don’t do deliveries, they just don’t do sh*t.” Check out Cardi’s rant below.

Cardi B compared the Atlanta food experience to her hometown New York. “In New York, a restaurant is going to open up early and going to close so f**king late,” she said. “They’re going to serve you all the mothafuckin’ time.”

Keith Lee’s Atlanta trip wasn’t all bad, but his negative comments are what sparked debate among people on the internet. He claimed that certain restaurants had subpar food, unimpressive service, and rules that limited the dining experience. He revealed that one restaurant even turned his family away before trying to let him in later on.

Outside of food commentary, Cardi B has been very active musically in 2023. She appeared on her husband Offset’s latest album Set It Off, kicking off the rollout with her feature on the single “Jealousy” and then the album cut “Freaky.” She also joined forces with Megan Thee Stallion for their track “Bongos,” the follow-up to their 2020 smash hit “WAP.” Check out the “Bongos” video below.

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