CaraKit Launches "CaraCalls" During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Offering Listening Ears to Cancer Warriors and Caregivers

The campaign kicks off on social media where anyone who wants to speak with a survivor or advocate can book a private time to connect in October.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The founders of CaraKit have first-hand experience dealing with breast cancer, making them the ideal listening ears for those going through a diagnosis. In this spirit, they announce the kick-off of the CaraCalls campaign. They offer time slots every day in October for one-on-one conversations with cancer survivors and caregivers.

Founder Kellie Whitton understands the power of connection when going through a cancer diagnosis, having battled cancer herself. She and business partner Priscilla Traylor are building a community of cancer warriors through their company, CaraKit. The duo is committed to paying it forward by offering their advice, experience, empathy and compassion to someone dealing with cancer.

Whitton hopes this creates a ripple effect to encourage conversations during difficult times, as cancer patients and loved ones often struggle with the practical realities of life in medical treatment.

"When people get a life-changing diagnosis, they have so many questions, concerns and fears, but sometimes they don't just know who to talk to," Whitton says. "Or maybe they don't have anyone to turn to. We want to offer a listening ear, answer questions and share experiences, good and bad, providing support and hope to women and their families in their time of need."

"Priscilla was always there for me knowing how to help, even when I didn't know I needed it," Whitton recalls. "The love kept coming and her simple acts of kindness gave me hope throughout my journey. She just knows what to do, supporting with confidence and ease during uncertain times, and can help caregivers do the same for their loved ones."

Whitton's breast cancer diagnosis resulted in multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. She realized she wanted to help other women and their loved ones on the same journey. That's when the idea of CaraKit was born, a place to send survivor-curated luxury gift kits to women who need them, informed directly from experiences and including advice on every product.

Anyone who wishes to speak with Whitton or Traylor can schedule a time on Facebook by clicking on a Calendly link. For more information on CaraKit, visit


About CaraKit:
CaraKit provides self-care essentials, emotional comfort and support for women undergoing challenging medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery through survivor-curated gift boxes. Follow them on Instagram @carakits and Facebook.

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