Cara Delevingne One-Ups Kristen Stewart's Buzz Cut, Reveals She Will Go Bald for Upcoming Role

Cara Delevingne revealed to USA Today that her decision to dye her locks a shocking shade of platinum blonde a few weeks ago was actually just a last hurrah before she shaves her head for the 2018 flick, Life in a Year.

Yep, the 24-year-old is going bald.

"I have to shave my head for my next part, so I have to do something different. So I dyed it. Just for fun. Just to change it up," said the actress while promoting Valerian at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

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The former model has made plenty of hair headlines in the past, both for her own looks, including the time she shaved just a portion of her head above the ear, as well as the time she shaved a woman's head on live TV for the laughs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.

Delevingne isn't the only star to make a drastic hair transformation, however. Kristen Stewart recently debuted a buzz cut, also for a film role, while promoting Personal Shopper earlier this year. And of course, who could forget Natalie Portman's V for Vendetta buzz circa 2006, or Stranger Things' starlet Millie Bobby Brown's shaved 'do?

Welcome to the club, Cara.