Car of Russian collaborator responsible for education blown up in Melitopol

THURSDAY, 29 SEPTEMBER 2022, 09:14

A car belonging to Olena Shapurova, a collaborator with Russian occupation authorities who had been appointed as the head of the "[Melitopol] department of education", has exploded. Preliminary reports suggest that Shapurova has survived.

Source: Ivan Fedorov, Mayor of Melitopol, on Telegram

Details: Fedorov said that the explosion occurred in a residential neighbourhood in Melitopol, near the Melitopol Industrial and Economic College.

Quote from Fedorov: "Additional information from the resistance: the car of Olena Shapurova, a top local collaborator, has been somewhat burned.

[Shapurova], infamous for numerous corruption scandals at the college [Shapurova was the principal at one of Melitopol’s colleges before her appointment in the occupation administration - ed.], has found her ‘calling’: she headed the ‘department of education’ and helped the occupiers impose Russian ‘education’ methods [in Melitopol]. Eye witnesses said that [Shapurova] has survived but is scared to death."

Reference: The Zaporizhzhia City Prosecutor’s Office reported on 5 May that Olena Shapurova, the director of a Melitopol college, was suspected of collaboration. According to the investigation, in March she voluntarily accepted the position as head of the "department of education" illegally created by Russian occupiers in Zaporizhzhia Oblast. As part of this role, she has demanded that Melitopol schools adopt the curricula of the aggressor state, Russia.

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