Captivating the King Episode 10 Recap: Did Shin Se-Kyung’s plan to save Jo Jung-Suk’s niece work?

captivating the king
Shin Se-Kyung, Jo Jung-Suk (Photo Credit: tvN)
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Starring Jo Jung-Suk as King Lee In and Shin Se-Kyung as Kang Hee-Soo/Kang Mong-Woo, Captivating the King Episode 10 aired on Sunday, February 11, 2024. The Netflix and tvN K-drama currently deals with Lee In finding out about Hee-Soo’s truth.

In the episode 9 ending, Principal Director Park Jong-Hwan plans to get rid of Hee-Soo/Mong-Woo. But the Qing envoy’s request saves her. The King’s guest wants to play a baduk game with her, which makes Lee In nervous. For context, he knows that Mong-Woo is a woman.

Captivating the King Episode 10 begins with luck being on Hee-Soo’s side as she saves herself from being punished. After finding out about the Qing dynasty’s demand, Se-Kyung’s character carries out a plan to send a spy to the enemy’s den and protect the King’s niece, Princess Jangryeong.

Captivating the King Episode 10 spoilers: Jo Jung-Suk orders her niece to marry an enemy but Shin Se-Kyung comes up with a plan

In Captivating the King Episode 10, the Qing envoy informs King Lee In (Jo Jung-Suk) about the Qing Prince’s demand. The latter wants to marry Princess Jangryeong. If the King refuses, then the enemies will wage war. Hence, Lee In agrees to wed off his niece despite her denial.

Shin Se-Kyung’s Hee-Soo takes advantage of this opportunity and plans to send a spy to the Qing. She and Kim Myung-Ha (Lee Shin-Young) talk to the princess and the Prince Guard. Hee-Soo, disguised as baduk master Mong-Woo, explains to the kids that a maid will swap the princess’ place at the wedding. They don’t want to betray King Lee In, but their sibling’s love comes in the way.

Meanwhile, Lee In protects Hee-Soo from Principal Director Park Jong-Hwan and other ministers. Due to the rumor about Lee In and his baduk player’s closeness, the King’s mother and Jong-Hwan plan to get rid of Hee-Soo. Lee In realizes that her safety will be in danger and thus hides her. He confesses his love for her again and also states that he doesn’t want to know her real name or why she wishes to live as a male baud player. His words and actions flutter her heart, and it seems she begins to fall in love with him once again.

However, Hee-Soo reminds herself that she returned to the palace to seek revenge on the king. According to her, he betrayed her three years ago and was the reason behind the death of her friend. She also blames him for her father’s disappearance and believes that he took over the throne using the wrong methods.

Captivating the King Episode 10 ending: Shin Se-Kyung’s plan in jeopardy

Towards the Captivating the King Episode 10 ending, Jo Jung-Suk’s King Lee In is unaware of Hee-Soo’s plan. When Princess Jangryeong has to leave for the Qing, her maid, Boon-Young, takes her place.

The princess runs away. One of the head maids realizes that Boon-Young is missing. She informs the King’s mother and Principal Director Park Jong-Hwan. The latter rushes towards the bride to take a look at her face, suspecting the swap. When he appears in front of the bride, he requests her to show her face. By accident, the cover on Boon-Young’s face falls off.

Kim Myung-Ha, on the other hand, informs Hee-Soo that her plan is in jeopardy. At the end of the episode, King Lee In and Hee-Soo play a game of baduk. The king’s guard tells him that Jong-Hwan wants to meet him for an urgent matter. When Lee In is about to leave, Hee-Soo claims that she has to explain to him something urgent regarding Jong-Hwan’s matter.

Viewers will find out more in the next episode of Captivating the King. The Netflix and tvN K-drama airs twice a week.

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