We Can't Unsee The Frog In This Ice Cream Container

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Photo credit: Facebook + Getty
Photo credit: Facebook + Getty

Update: Fact-checking resource Snopes has raised alarms that the frozen frog may be a hoax. Several other social media accounts have posted the same image with eerily similar captions. While it was originally reported that the frog was in a container of Blue Bunny ice cream, the brand of ice cream has not been confirmed.

This post has been updated to include a statement from Wells Enterprises, the producer of Blue Bunny ice cream.

Ice cream flavors have been going off the rails lately. Team Delish has covered some weird ones this summer, like Deviled Egg, Ketchup, and even Kraft Mac & Cheese. We thought we'd seen it all—until this viral Facebook post about the wildest ice cream mix-in yet popped up online.

Tracy Wiemelt Holtman thought she was grabbing a tub of plain vanilla from her local Hy-Vee supermarket the other day. But when her daughter opened the container for a scoop, they found a frog (or toad?) resting right on top of the ice cream.

Photo credit: Facebook
Photo credit: Facebook

In the post, Holtman says the frog was trapped underneath the tub's plastic seal—meaning the little guy must have hopped in at the ice cream factory well before it made its way to the freezer aisle.

Upon closer look, we also noticed a UFO (unidentified frozen object) buried a little deeper in the ice cream. Some might say it sort of resembles insect legs. This theory may explain how the frog got there in the first place, but it also doubles the ick factor.

Some people on the internet were understandably grossed out by Holtman's discovery, while others cracked a couple jokes:

A rep from Wells Enterprises, the producer of Blue Bunny ice cream, sent the following statement to Delish:

"Wells Enterprises launched an investigation into this incident immediately upon learning of it, in addition to reaching out directly to the affected consumer. We acknowledge the product in question is made by Wells Enterprises and, through our investigation, we confirmed this could not have occurred during our manufacturing process, but instead would have taken place after the product left our facility. Product safety is our top priority at Wells, and we consistently achieve the highest quality standards in our facilities and in our manufacturing processes. We have robust quality systems in place, and constantly evaluate our standards and processes to prevent anything like this from happening."

If you're wondering if they decided to dig into the contaminated ice cream, the answer is most definitely not. Holtman mentions in the post that she plans to return the tub to Hy-Vee for a refund.

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