Candace Cameron Bure speaks out on 'TikTok gone wrong': 'I was not trying to seduce you with the Bible'

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Candace Cameron Bure is clarifying her intentions after publicly apologizing for what she calls a "TikTok gone wrong."

The mother-of-three joined Jana Kramer on an episode of the singer's Whine Down podcast where Bure spoke about the backlash that she had faced after posting a TikTok video mimicking a viral trend that her daughter Natasha had also taken part in. The actress's video, however, involved the Bible, which was seemingly sensitive for a lot of viewers.

Candace Cameron Bure speaks out about
Candace Cameron Bure speaks out about "TikTok gone wrong." (Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Bure later took to her Instagram stories to apologize for the video, which was already removed from her social media. On Kramer's podcast, Bure explained why she was quick to say sorry.

"Clearly I just missed the mark. Thats me being 45 trying to keep up with a 20-year-old. I was trying to copy my daughter. That’s all I was trying to do," she said. "I will say, I enjoy apologizing. I like receiving an apology if someone is wrong, so I am quick to say like, ‘Hey, if I got that wrong, sorry.’ But I think the apology was as easy as that. Like, ‘Oh, so sorry I didn’t realize that that was going to offend so many people.’"

Many people who watched the video, which went along to Lana Del Rey's song "Jealous Girl," believed that Bure was attempting to be seductive while making references to the Holy Spirit. "[That] clearly means I’m not a very good actress because I was trying to be strong, not sexy or seductive," Bure said in her apology.

And while Kramer assured Bure that there is no need to apologize to those who interpreted the video that way, the actress stood firm in the fact that it wasn't intended to come off that way.

"I’m gonna just say that from my perspective, I wasn’t trying to be seductive. I think that’s a little crazy if I’m holding a Bible and then trying to be seductive with the Bible," Bure said. "I was not trying to seduce you with the Bible."

When it comes to handling criticism that she's faced throughout her career, Bure also credited her faith for getting her through.

"I feel like that’s just part of my God-given nature," she said. "God gave me a lot of patience and it’s tested all the time but I’ve had a lot of time to practice my patience."