Canadians React to Viral TikTok of American Discovering Bulk Barn

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Bulk Barn seems like a pretty universal concept. You walk in, grab whatever candy, nuts, chocolates, or other goodies and bag them, walk to the cash and pay for your haul. For a Michigan TikToker, visiting a Bulk Barn location in Toronto threw her world upside down. And Canadians are reacting to this viral Bulk Barn discovery.


im mind blown… is there something like this in america or no

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Throughout the minute-long TikTok, the woman gasped at the variety of snacks you can buy in a single location. While her reaction was wholesome, that didn’t stop Canadians from cracking a few jokes and questioning how there wasn’t an American variant.

One Twitter user said Bulk Barn was one of the “great joys of being a Canadian.” Others very much agreed.

Other Canadians want to keep Bulk Barn as their little hidden national treasure.

Most were shocked at the fact that Americans didn’t have Bulk Barn or even a similar store.

While the Twitter users were quick to point out their love for it, their confusion about it not being available in America may have been funnier than the original TikTok itself. According to their official site, there are now over 275 Bulk Barns across Canada.