Canadian Woman Who Reportedly Blamed “Two Black Men” For Friend’s Death Admits To Killing Her

After a Facebook selfie helped incriminate her, Cheyenne Rose Antoine was sentenced to seven years.

By Latifah Muhammad

A Facebook selfie gave authorities the evidence needed to bust a Canadian woman for her friend’s death, which she initially blamed on “two black men.” On Monday (Jan. 15), Cheyenne Rose Antoine pleaded guilty to manslaughter for killing 18-year-old Brittney Gargol, bringing an end to the more than two-year case.

Antoine, now 21, was sentenced to seven years in prison for killing Gargol following an argument at a party in 2015. Before they headed out for the night, Antoine and Gargol struck a pose for Facebook. In the selfie, Antoine is wearing a black belt that police later identified as the weapon used to strangle Gargol whose body was found dumped on the side of a road in Saskatchewan, Canada, according to CNN.

Antoine was intoxicated on weed and alcohol when an argument with Gargol turned fatal, prosecutor Robin Ritter said. Antoine claims to have no recollection of taking Gargol’s life.

Antoine originally told police that she and Gargol met up with an unidentified white male, while out for drinks. She then claimed to have left the outing early to go to her uncle’s house.

Later that night, she reportedly posted on Gargol’s Facebook page, making it appear that she was looking for her. “Hope you made it home safe,” wrote Antoine.

But the “white male” that she claimed that they met up with never materialized, and authorities found even more holes in the story. Antoine’s uncle later admitted that she asked him to lie and pretend that “two black men” killed Gargol.

Authorities arrested Antoine for second-degree murder last March. She struck a plea deal, and was reportedly charged with manslaughter because she showed remorse.

“You were her friend, she trusted you,” Gargol’s stepmother said to Antoine in court.

In a statement read by her attorney, Antoine said that she will “never forgive” herself for killing Gargol.

“It’s wrong and shouldn’t of happened,” she said.

Antoine’s attorney, Lisa Watson, told the media that her client had “deep personal issues” that she had been avoiding. “Unfortunately they turned into a very tragic situation for all involved.”

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