Canada Reacts To New Coins Featuring King Charles' Face

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With King Charles appointed as the new King of the United Kingdom, Canada has updated its coins to reflect it.

On Nov. 14, the government unveiled the new design, and, while it's largely the same, King Charles' portrait is now on one side of the dollar coin.

Given that in April, a poll suggested that many Canadians don't want to recognize Charles as their King, it's no surprise that many people expressed strong opinions on the change.

One person started off the reactions with a joke, calling the unveiled symbolic coin "too big."

Twitter: @josiahhughes

Someone else replaced King Charles' portrait with that of ex-NBA player Charles Barkley.

Twitter: @JulioHashem

Many people joked about the unveiled coin's size, but one person committed to the bit even further by suggesting companies would be releasing new, larger pants to accommodate the new coin.

Twitter: @jarrahtarrah

Someone else joked that inflation had gone too far.

Twitter: @RadishHarmers

Other people said that Canada should put Canadians on the coins with people suggesting Shania Twain and Nelly Furtado.

Twitter: @Komaniecki_R

Twitter: @wslymcln

In a more earnest tweet, someone suggested the coin should have featured Terry Fox.

Twitter: @stphnmaher