Cam'ron reflects on humble beginnings of "It Is What It Is" following major deal

Cam'ron performs live during Legendz of the Streetz Tour at Smoothie King Center on February 03, 2023 in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Legendz of the Streetz Tour Reloaded - New Orleans, LA

On Monday (Aug. 21), Cam’ron and Ma$e announced that they signed an eight-figure deal for their sports debate show, “It Is What It Is,” with Underdog Fantasy.

The next day (Aug. 22), Cam’ron decided to reminisce on how it all started and how he did not know what the future was going to bring.

Via Instagram Stories, the rapper shared a video of himself paying for the equipment he needed to begin the series. Cam added in the caption of the Jan. 22 video, “It was just an idea, but I believed.” He also posted a follow-up clip of the cashier counting out bundles of money to ensure it was all there. The caption for that post doubled down on his original message with, “I believed in myself.” The partnership will reportedly begin in September and last for 18 months.

In a recent statement, Cam’ron thanked Nicholas Green of Underdog Fantasy. He added that he appreciates him seeing the value of “It Is What It Is.” The Dipset rapper also addressed Ma$e, stating, “Now we even. It’s ya go again. Pause lol. All jokes aside, thank you for everything.”

The remark likely referred to Ma$e introducing Cam to The Notorious B.I.G. in the 1990s, which ultimately led to Killa signing a deal with Untertainment and Epic Records. Ma$e soon responded,  “Yeah, this is what happens when you pass Murda the ball. They know!”

After launching in February, Cam’ron‘s Come And Talk 2 Me network and the flagship series “It Is What It Is” became a premiere location for discussions around sports, entertainment, and more. Underdog Fantasy has previously partnered with NBA star Gilbert Arenas for his podcast, “Gil’s Arena,” showing the platform is not afraid to embrace controversial takes on athletics.

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