Campbell ‘Pookie’ Puckett Is Always ‘Fire’ to Husband Jett Puckett — Unless She Wears This 1 Thing

Pookie Talks Fashion
Jett Puckett and Campbell Puckett. Craig Barritt/Getty Images for Tory Burch

The phrase “absolutely fire” has become synonymous with TikTok couple Campbell “Pookie” Puckett and Jett Puckett

Nearly every day, Campbell, 31, hops on the social media platform to show fans her outfit of the day. As she describes the look in detail and twirls for the camera, her husband is always by her side, gushing over whatever she’s put together — almost always lovingly referring to the getup as “absolutely fire” or a “quintessential Pookie outfit.” It’s clear Jett, 33, worships Campbell, and it seems he’ll adore just about anything she puts on. (The pair, who got married in 2018, first went viral on TikTok in January.) 

Well, not anything. Us Weekly caught up with Campbell, and she revealed that there’s one look Jett is not a fan of: baggy jeans. 

“I love them,” she told Us of the boyfriend silhouette. “I’m wearing them right now. [Jett] is more of a classic kind of person. He likes a classic silhouette. I will wear them when he’s not around. He likes tight jeans. … He’s not a fan.” 

Despite Jett’s feelings about the style, Campbell plans to “keep wearing them,” which, of course, is fine with Jett. “He’s very much like, ‘Wear what you love.’ He doesn’t care,” she explained. 

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The same goes for Jett and his own personal style, Campbell told Us. “He has his go-to styles that he likes. I let him roll with it. He is a guy. He doesn’t have that much to choose from.” 

Pookie Talks Fashion
Campbell Puckett Christian Vierig/Getty Images

Campbell, on the other hand, has endless options. Her closet includes little black dresses, feathered gowns, fur coats and luxury handbags, including a black Hermès Birkin bag that Jett gifted her earlier this year. Surprisingly, she gravitates towards a more laid-back vibe. 

“A lot of my outfits are based on my mood for sure,” Campbell shared. “Even though I may not show it as much, I love a casual outfit. I love jeans and a T-shirt. I love sweatpants.” 

Since becoming popular on TikTok, Campbell said she’s been able to really develop her own aesthetic. 

“I’ve gotten more into my own style, and I have really developed a capsule wardrobe to where I'm not daily going like, 'What am I going to wear today?’” she told Us. “I have things that I go back to — like my style different ways, and I kind of pick those one to two trendy pieces of season that you can still put in your wardrobe [and it doesn’t feel like] everything is trendy.”

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Campbell shared that having white T-shirts, classic jewelry “that you can take from day to night” are must-haves. Additionally, she encourages fashionistas to buy a “good pair of jeans and then a neutral bag.” 

With reporting by Amanda Williams