Cameras capture moment 'classless' wedding guest clashes with groom walking down the aisle: 'Ruined our ceremony'

Weddings are major milestones in people’s lives, so it’s no surprise that many folks want things to go off without a hitch. But during a ceremony, something as simple as bad manners can seemingly ruin the whole thing.

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Recently, a bride was mortified by the thoughtless behavior of her father-in-law’s girlfriend. The couple-to-be captured the embarrassing moment when the woman collided with the groom as he walked down the aisle. Now Reddit’s “Wedding Shaming” forum is weighing in.

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Father-in-law’s girlfriend ruined our ceremony by walking in front of my husband down the aisle,” the bride wrote. “Proceeded to ignore us the entire weekend.”

The footage showed the groom walking down the aisle of the outdoor wedding. Groomsmen followed behind as guests looked on from the rows of seats. But just as the husband-to-be made his way, his father’s girlfriend cut right past him to move around the venue. The groom looked visibly upset, rolling his eyes at the rude act.

Although the bride didn’t provide many extra details, the groom’s face says it all.

“Cackling at his facial expression. It’s almost like he wasn’t at all surprised,” one person commented.

“Don’t let it ruin the memory of your wedding, she’s just trying to make it about herself,” another said.

“A classless move,” a user wrote.

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