Camera Catches Clever Golden Retriever Opening Door for Firefighter Locked Out of Office

Koda the fire safety dog is always doing good.

The golden retriever is a fire safety training dog with the Georgetown Texas Fire Department, but she helps out her coworkers in other ways.

This month, Koda visited the department's administrative offices with a firefighter, and her human companion got locked out of the building. In response, Koda didn't hesitate a second to help out. She quickly stepped in to help the firefighter trapped outside to get back into the offices by opening the door for him.

Security cameras captured the adorable incident. The footage, released by Georgetown Texas Fire Department, shows Koda inside the offices sniffing around. When her colleague approaches the door and has trouble getting into the building, the excited golden retriever walks up to the door and pushes on the door bar to let the firefighter back in.

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"I was working late at our administration offices when I stepped outside," the firefighter in the clip told SWNS. "Our keycard access system temporarily went down, which locked me outside and Koda inside."

"When she noticed me tapping on the door, she quickly came over and opened it for me," he added.

The Georgetown Texas Fire Department shared Koda's good deed on Facebook.

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"What happens when you get locked out of the Public Safety Building at night? You rely on the best fire dog Koda to rescue the day!" the department captioned the clip of the golden retriever saving the day.

According to SWNS, when Koda isn't assisting the fire department with fire safety training, she can be found working as a registered therapy dog.