Cam’ron Teams Up With Kith To Release New “Last Stop” Single

Cam’ron teamed up with Kith to deliver a new single, “Last Stop.” On Sunday (Feb. 4), Ronnie Fieg, the founder of the NY-based lifestyle brand, took to social media with the new product. He revealed that the track was produced by Swizz Beatz with Killa providing the lyricism.

The video features the Dipset head honcho on a train overran by blooming flowers. Pink, red, mango, and lavender-colored Venus et Fleur flowers paint an ethereal scene for the music video. Cam’ron, rocking a pink Kith ensemble, stands in the train’s aisle and delivers in his signature conversational flow jam-packed with metaphors, double entendres, and irony.

Fieg then provided some behind-the-scenes photos of the shoot. He also detailed how it came about and revealed that “Last Stop” would be the first song on his newly established Kith Records.

“People have often asked what the failures have been throughout the growth of the brand/company. The biggest try and fail scenarios have been with Kith Records,” he typed in his explanation. “I tried twice and spent a lot of time, energy, and money but was burnt by the industry’s challenges and the fact that I was a newcomer to the music business. I have helped produce three records, and the first two have never been heard because of publishing/clearance, streaming challenges, and other issues that really helped teach me a lesson in keeping the main thing, the main thing,” he revealed.

“Fast forward to this season’s project this time around… I wanted to give my passion in music another shot. The idea was to work with an artist to create a track that could live as a soundtrack to Spring but more importantly to direct a video that can showcase the artist and the product at the same time. Growing up in the 90’s, music videos were the number 1 source of inspiration for style ,and I always felt it was the greatest bridge of emotion to product. This was going to be the third try and it was worth fighting for.”

Fieg then explained why he selected Cam for the inaugural song. The businessman stated that Killa’s “aesthetic” was perfect for the Spring campaign that Kith was working on and took the opportunity to chase his dream of running a record label.

“I decided Cam was the perfect look and sound for Spring and I pictured the colorful theme of the collection working perfectly with his aesthetic. When I called him, I walked him through the creative of building a subway car set flooded with flowers and he was hyped on the direction. After a few days, he called me and told me he was going to put me in touch with @jonnyshipes so he could help me set up the entity so Kith Records could own the track and stream it on multiple platforms. It ends up being a @therealswizzz track, which made it even more family and we launched it last night with Flex on Hot 97. The amount of boxes this is checking off of my bucket list is crazy.”

Watch the music video for “Last Stop” above.

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