Cam Newton Attackers Speak Out After Brawl: “It’s Typical Cam Behavior”

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Cam Newton’s attackers have finally spoken out since their brawl with the athlete. On Monday (Feb. 26), The Beat ATL interviewed TSP, the men manhandled by the former NFL player. The outlet asked Topshelf Performance about the fight with Cam and what led up to it. First, the men, referred to as Steph and TJ Brown, apologized for “portraying” that side of them. The two men also admitted that they should have been able to have a sit down with Newton to quash any ill will.

“First and foremost like what I want to do… I want to apologize to everybody that was out there. The parents of not just our team but everybody that was affected by,” TSP expressed. “Like we should have been able to sit down and talk. There’s no reason we should be yelling at each other while a game is going on.”

As they continued, the sports coaches spoke about Cam’s behavior before the 7-on-7 event. They referred to the violence as “typical Cam Newton behavior,” calling him out for “talking junk.” TSP claimed that the athlete’s words were unprovoked and uncalled for. They insisted that Newton started the whole thing.

“Just out of nowhere, talking crazy to us for no reason,” they said. “And as I’m walking up the steps, Cam’s in Steph face and he grabbed Steph.”

TJ detailed that he had to step in to intervene. Tensions began to rise with Newton not taking kindly to their presence, leading to the viral brawl. In the preview clip, TSP insisted that they didn’t do anything to provoke Newton’s behavior. However, the crew was the ones to talk smack first.

In fact, before the planned 7-on-7 football event, Coach Brown uploaded a video to the TSP Instagram Story. Brown called out Cam Newton’s football career and referenced how washed up he was. The man taunted Newton, asserting that the “non-throwing a** quarterback” couldn’t beat him.

Additionally, it was revealed that the former Carolina Panther put together the charitable event. Through his C1N foundation, Newton hosted the football to give back to Atlanta.

The best way to repay good intentions like that is with a blindsided punch, apparently.

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