When Calls The Heart’s Erin Krakow On How The Hallmark Show Is ‘Leveling Up’ For Season 10

 the love triangle in When Calls the Heart Season 8.
the love triangle in When Calls the Heart Season 8.
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Season 10 of When Calls the Heart is finally almost here, and it’s definitely been a long time coming for fans that have been waiting patiently during the hiatus. The long-running Hallmark drama is set to air its 100th episode in the upcoming season, and on top of the milestone episode, star Erin Krakow is teasing what will go down in Hope Valley in the next batch of installments.

Fans of When Calls the Heart have kept the show going for so long, but ten seasons is quite a long time for the creative team to keep things fresh for the beloved characters. However, the Western romance is apparently going to be leveling up next season, as Krakow told Entertainment Tonight a bit about what to expect when fans return to Hope Valley after over a year away. In her words:

Season 10 is packed. We are truly leveling up the When Calls the Heart experience. We are bringing in lots of exciting guest stars. We've don't know if they are good guys or bad guys. We have family visits, we have musical episodes -- not a true musical episode, but there is music. There's some singing. There's a tourist destination -- this hot springs in town. There's a lot of romance. There's a new baby. It's a momentous season, as it should be in season 10.

It sounds like When Calls the Heart’s 10th outing may be the most exciting season yet of the series, as there could be one or more surprises around every corner. Fans will remember that Season 9 ended with Elizabeth and Lucas getting engaged, as Rosemary and Lee were preparing for their new bundle of joy to come into the world. But even aside from that, there will be a lot more to look forward to. With some as-yet-undisclosed guest stars also included, it’s possible that not everything will go the way some characters are expecting. Hopefully that just means lots of joyous surprises, even if a few downer notes will likely get peppered in.

Fans have been waiting for Season 10 of When Calls the Heart for a pretty long time. Season 9 aired its finale back in May 2022, with the renewal of the Hallmark drama being announced a month later. With the series hitting its 100th episode very soon, Erin Krakow recently teased what the Hallmark series’ milestone episode will consist of, noting that it will be an event, both for the series as a whole and for the series' character ensemble, as Hope Valley will be celebrating as well. Whether that celebration will be big enough to carry the storyline forward, or if it'll be more of a one-off situation, we'll just have to watch.

The leveling up won’t stop at Season 10, either, as Hallmark renewed When Calls the Heart for Season 11 back in February. While it’s far too soon to predict what will happen in those eps, the near future already seems like it will deliver some of the biggest highlights yet for the Hallmark series. It’s going to be an exciting ride, and seeing what happens in each episode will be a treat, and that’s not even including the 100th episode.

As far as drama and romance go, When Calls the Heart won’t be falling short of either, and the momentous season is bringing out all the punches. Erin Krakow starred in a Hallmark movie earlier this year, but it didn't get in the way of her finally returning as Elizabeth Thatcher Thornton soon so don’t miss the Season 10 premiere of When Calls the Heart on July 30 on Hallmark Channel. In the meantime, check out the 2023 TV schedule to see what other premieres to look forward to this year.