New Call Me Kat Showrunners Tease a Kat/Max Romance, Phil's Drag Queen Boyfriend and a Big Bang Reunion

Fox’s Call Me Kat kicks off Season 3 this week (Thursday at 9:30/8:30c) with a considerable number of changes on and off screen.

On screen, Kat Silver is returning from a whirlwind European getaway, ready to embark upon the next chapter of her life after some much-needed soul searching. She’s even contemplating motherhood!

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Off screen, new showrunners Maria Ferrari (who worked with Mayim Bialik on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory before co-creating United States of Al) and Jim Patterson (a fellow Chuck Lorre sitcom vet whose credits include Two and a Half Men and B Positive) are attempting to ground the feline-friendly comedy while staying true to what makes it unique.

“The show itself is interesting because you can do things that are a little bit different than most multi-cams, like have Kat talk to the camera,” Patterson tells TVLine. “What we wanted to do [in Season 3] was create a show that has a little more emotion [to it] than the previous couple of years and [present] the reality of what goes on when you’re 40.”

That comes across almost immediately. “Kat went on her ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ journey, and she comes back with this idea of who she wants to be and how she’s going to change her life,” Ferrari says. “That dovetails with [love interest] Max taking a leap and pursuing his [music] dream in a new and more serious way.”

But upon their respective returns home, “expectations meet reality,” and things don’t work out exactly as either of them had hoped. “That’s a nice parallel that we explore early in the season.”

That, of course, invites an obvious question: Will this be the year that Kat and Max finally pursue a romantic relationship? “We are going all in [on Kat and Max]… but that doesn’t mean that there won’t still be other love interests [this season],” Ferrari says. Adds Patterson: “We love the dynamic between them. They’ve had this ‘dance’ for two years. At some point, you have to try to see what they’re like as a couple.”

Keep scrolling as Ferrari and Patterson preview what Call Me Kat has planned for its fall run, then hit the comments with your hopes for Season 3.

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