Call of Duty: Mobile "expected to be phased out over time" once Warzone Mobile releases

 COD Mobile players parachute to a battlefield below
COD Mobile players parachute to a battlefield below

Call of Duty: Mobile is expected to be "phased out" over time once Warzone Mobile releases.

That comes from developer Activision's hopeful buyer, Microsoft, who has revealed as much in a written response to a UK competition regulator. Initially, the Competition Markets Authority provisionally concluded that Microsoft's deal to acquire Activision would result in less competition, suggesting several remedies to conclude the agreement, which included selling off Call of Duty or the Activision part of Activision Blizzard entirely.

Alongside Sony, Microsoft's reaction to those suggestions has been published for the public to see. In short, Microsoft feels the proposed divestment remedies would be inappropriate. Many sections that contain sensitive information are cut out, though, when discussing why carving out mobile games wouldn't be workable, the Xbox creator does say that, outside of China, Call of Duty: Mobile "is expected to be phased out over time with the launch of Warzone Mobile".

Warzone Mobile was officially unveiled last year. While Call of Duty Mobile has its own battle pass and seasons, the idea with Warzone Mobile is that progression is tied to its PC and console counterparts. You won't be playing against players outside of mobile, but you can still take advantage of cross-progression.

“We just want to make sure that you have that kind of shared continuity,” Activision’s co-head of mobile Chris Plummer told Axios. “It also gives our community a unified chase, a unified backdrop for conversation.”

Warzone Mobile is currently scheduled to release later this year.

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