California Ice Cream Shop Thanks 'Very Generous' Customer Who Left $1,000 Tip: 'What a Year'

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Clumpies Ice Cream

Although the past year has been difficult for small businesses, some loyal customers are showing their appreciation.

An ice cream parlor in Oakland, California recently took to social media to thank the "very generous" patron who left a $1,000 tip for their staff. According to the post on Fentons Creamery's Facebook, the gratuity came with a receipt for a $63.31 order, on which the customer wrote "stay well" with a smiley face.

"A very generous customer left a $1000.00 tip for our staff on a $63.31 check this week," the company wrote in the post. "She said she was just happy that we are still open. Amazing. And WOW."

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They went on to thank the rest of their customers for keeping them afloat, as many businesses have closed their doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The local institution, which was featured in the 2009 Disney Pixar movie Up, has been in business since 1894, and they even claim to be the birthplace of rocky road ice cream.


"And Thank You! What a Year!" they continued. "We are filled with Gratitude for ALL who have been able to stay in there with us this past year via take-out orders, curbside pickup, deliveries, gift card orders, caramel & chocolate sauce orders shipped to friends, Cake Orders, sweet notes of encouragement to us, and more."

"We are very fortunate to have made it through this past year and Thank You All for your Love and Support!!" the post concluded.

Nearly a third of small businesses in the United States reported that they likely won't survive 2021 without additional government assistance, according to a recent survey by 12 Federal Reserve Banks.

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That comes out to about 9 million businesses that are at risk of closing for good this year. The survey also found that nearly 90% of businesses have yet to see their sales return to pre-pandemic levels.

It comes after President Joe Biden signed a $1.9 trillion relief bill earlier this month, extending $50 billion in small-business aid, in addition to up to $1,400 in stimulus checks for most Americans.