The 2021 Cadbury Bunny Has Been Announced And It’s A...Frog

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Update: March 23, 2021: Another year, another Cadbury "bunny." The candy company announced the winner of its third-annual Cadbury Bunny Tryouts and it's not a bunny or even a mammal at all, but a frog!

The 2021 Cadbury Bunny is an Australian White's Treefrog from Stuart, FL, named Betty. She's less than a year old, which makes this her very first Easter. She's also the contest's smallest winner to-date, as well as the first amphibian and first female winner. You go, girl!!

Photo credit: Cadbury
Photo credit: Cadbury

Along with getting bragging rights, Betty will also star in the 2021 Cadbury Clucking Bunny Commercial and receive a $5,000 cash prize. Cadbury will also be donating $15,000 to the The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in honor of the contest. Everybody wins!

Update, March 10, 2021: At the start of February, Cadbury released a call-out for its annual Cadbury Bunny tryouts. Last year, an adorable two-legged dog named Lieutenant Dan took the title and the finalists for this year's Cadbury Bunny have officially been announced.

The lineup includes a variety of lovable pets including dogs, a cat, a bunny, a mini donkey, an alpaca, a mini horse, a goat, and a frog. The winner will star in this year's Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial and the title will be won based on votes which are open online through March 17. You can vote once per day for your favorite pet and the winner will be announced on March 23 and will receive a $5,000 reward. My money's on Potato the bunny, mainly because there's almost nothing cuter than a bunny wearing bunny ears.

Original Post: February 1, 2021: If you have a pet, you probably think it's the cutest animal in the universe, and worthy of the spotlight...and guess what? You're right!!! All pets are perfect in their own way and I would give them all their own commercials if I could, but I can't. But thankfully Cadbury is back to give pets their time in the spotlight with their annual Bunny Tryouts.

For the third year in a row, the chocolate brand is holding a contest to find their new spokes-animal for the Easter season who will don the bunny ears for a commercial. Enter by submitting a photo of your pet wearing the iconic bunny ears (if you don't have any, don't worry, they have digital ones!) and fans will vote for their favorite. The contest will be open for submissions until March 1.

The brand is also calling on last year's winner, our very favorite two-legged dog Lieutenant Dan, to act as a 2021 "guest judge" for the competition. He will help narrow down the finalists (I am not sure how? But I do trust him with my life!!) before passing the ears on to the new winner. Voting begins on March 10 and runs through March 17. The winner will be announced on March 23, and the new Cadbury Bunny will appear in the iconic Cadbury Clucking Bunny commercial. They will also receive a $5,000 cash prize and apparently a seal of approval from Lt. Dan, which is all any of us should need really. You can read more and submit your pet here! Good luck!!!!

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