New C-Drama Episode Releases This Week (May 13 – 19, 2024): Joy of Life Season 2, Orange Soda & More

Joy of Life Season 2 and Orange Soda
Joy of Life Season 2 and Orange Soda (Photo Credit: Tencent Video)

Many anticipated Chinese dramas will premiere this week (May 13 – 19, 2024) with intriguing storylines and striking casts. From the much-awaited C-drama Joy of Life Season 2 to the short drama Orange Soda, to Golden Trio that ventures into the lives of three friends, etc., will meet viewers. These shows will fall under Wuxia, romance, friendship and more genres.

Here is a list of C-dramas that are releasing new episodes this week:

1. Joy of Life Season 2

The anticipated C-drama Joy of Life Season 2 will premiere on May 16, 2024. It features  Zhang Ruo Yun as the lead. It is part two of the Joy of Life trilogy.

The drama will follow the story of Fan Xian (Zhang Ruo Yun), a boy abandoned by an influential family. As he begins to experience flashbacks from a past life, he practices martial arts to become a notable warrior. Season two will follow his journey as he attempts to prove his worth at the court.

Joy of Life Season 2 will be available to stream, throughout the week, on Tencent Video and Viki.

2. Orange Soda

Youth C-drama Orange Soda will release its first set of episodes on May 13. 2024. It features Elanor Lee, Hollis and He Chang Xi in the lead roles.

The drama explores the story of two neighboring students who fall in love but are forced to separate. As they meet many years later, will they give their unfinished love a second chance?

Orange Soda will be available to stream throughout the week on Tencent Video.

3. Golden Trio

Golden Trio will premiere on May 14, 2024. It will tell the story of three friends, Xiao Chang Qing, Sun Qian Cheng and Chen Xin Cheng, who co-founded a restaurant after their retirement. As they cure others’ loneliness, they find themselves. The three friends reconnect with their loved ones also recognize their

4. Men in Love (Ep 25-38)

Ongoing romantic C-drama starring Hu Yitian and Liang Jie will release a total of 14 episodes this week. It portrays the stories of different couples dealing with relationship issues, including love triangles, marriage issues, etc. Men in Love is available for weekly streaming on iQIYI and Tencent Video.

5. Reblooming Blue (Ep 10-20)

Reblooming Blue will air a total of 10 episodes this week. The Vic Zhou and Victoria Song starrer tells the love story between Chen Xiao Man (Victoria Song) and Ke Yan (Vic Zhou). The two resign from work at the same time. One resigns after facing discrimination, and the other follows in her boss’s footsteps. They meet again at Xiao Man’s hometown. Ke Yan helps

Reblooming Blue is available to stream on MGTV and Viki.

Other than these, Youku’s The Imposter and Regeneration will release their final episodes, respectively, on May 16, 2024, and May 15, 2024. Hometown of Stars will premiere on May 14, 2024.

Princess Nirvana, Rang Ai Shu Shou Jiu Qin, Where Is the Love, You Are My Desk-mate, Moment of Silence, What If, Inverse Identity, Rise From the Ashes, etc., will continue their weekly run.

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