C-3PO's Red Arm Unveiled in New Commercial

At last, C-3PO has been caught red-handed. The droid’s new left arm, soon to be seen in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, makes its first onscreen appearance in a new Duracell commercial, in which two siblings act out an epic, battery-powered Star Wars battle on Christmas morning. Watch it above — and keep your eyes peeled for a snowman BB-8.

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News of Threepio’s scarlet-colored arm first leaked in June, when a picture of a Mexican soda can bearing a Force Awakens promotional image, including the droid’s new appendage, went viral on Twitter. The cat was fully out of the bag by Force Friday, when a C-3PO action figure and mini-figure were unveiled, both featuring the red replacement arm. Also in September, Marvel Comics announced an upcoming single-issue comic that will explain how C-3PO came to be unarmed between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. Then, earlier this week, C-3PO brought his new look to a “holographic message” transmitted to Sphero’s robotic BB-8 toys.


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We’ll see the full effect when The Force Awakens opens on Dec. 18 — and get the backstory when Marvel publishes its C-3PO comic on Dec. 23.