C-3PO Says 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Will Be Better Than 'The Empire Strikes Back'

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  • Anthony Daniels
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Get ready for some big words from a scared and fussy protocol droid.

Anthony Daniels, the man who has been behind the metal mask of C-3PO for the last 40 years, is back in the golden suit for Star Wars: Episode VII, a film that he promises will be the best sequel of all.

“No movie sequel is better than The Empire Strikes Back,’” Daniels tweeted on Sunday, quoting anonymous naysayers and fans of the original trilogy. “You might eat those words for Xmas dinner in 2015. Joy & Indigestion to the world!”

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Well, there you have it: A cast member of a movie is promising that it will be great.

Though he can’t say much more about the movie, in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly Daniels did talk about the growth that his robot character has experienced over the past four decades.

"I think 3PO might have grown in confidence over the years, because he’s survived so many dramas and he’s gained so much knowledge about what’s going on in the galaxy,” Daniels said. “He may have grown in that way. But, generally, the way he appears to grow is by being faced by new situations and new conflicts.”

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We’ll see just how much the droid has grown on December 18, 2015, when JJ Abrams’ new chapter in the Star Wars universe hits theaters.

Photos: Lucas Film, Lucas Films/20th Century Fox