Busy Philipps stands up to commenter calling her pro-abortion-rights views ‘barbaric'

Busy Philipps has been one of the most vocal celebrity opponents of new anti-abortion legislation in states like Georgia and Alabama. Having recently addressed her own abortion at age 15, the actress also urged other women who have terminated pregnancies to share their stories with the “You Know Me” hashtag.

Busy Philipps asiste a una presentación especial de "Booksmart" en el Hotel Ace Hotel el lunes 13 de mayo de 2019 en Los Angeles. Mucha gente cree que no conoce a alguien que ha tenido un aborto, tuiteó la actriz y presentadora Busy Philipps esta semana, pero la conocen a ella. (Foto Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)
Busy Philipps is speaking out for abortion rights. (Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP)

The talk show host — her show, Busy Tonight, aired its final episode last week after being canceled — also took part in a “Stop the Bans” protest in Los Angeles on Tuesday to decry the new legislation making abortion illegal after six weeks. Photos shared by Philipps show her holding up a wire coat hanger, a symbol of the self-induced, back-alley terminations women have resorted to under abortion bans.

In her caption, the mom of two daughters told fans she’s “so so sad” about the bans, but also “SO full of rage.”

While the post had plenty of positive feedback, some of Philipps’s followers slammed her support of abortion rights.

“This is what makes you sad?” a critic wrote, though the comment has since been deleted. “Viciously killing a baby doesn’t horrify you and make you sad? Having an abortion doesn’t make you progressive, it makes you barbaric.”

Philipps was quick to stand up for her views.

“Yeah,” she shot back. “Actually the vicious killing of babies makes me very sad. It’s hard for me to read People magazine. Also, babies dying from separation at our own border make me very sad. ALSO! Babies being viciously murdered by guns in their own classrooms makes me so F***ING SAD.

“Abortion is not that,” she continued. “Girl, get your facts straight. Do some research. Read something other than the propaganda that’s forced on you from the religious right. Actually use your own brain and think. Really critically think about the issue. Take a day or a week and THINK ABOUT IT. And then get back to me.”

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

Philipps didn’t personally address other negative comments she received from those with anti-abortion beliefs. Likeminded fans, however, were quick to shut down critics.

“This is even more of a reason as to why I love you,” a fan wrote. “Being from Alabama and calling my governor and doing all I can all to have her negate her moral and right duties. This. This is why I continue to fight.”

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